Pulled my pants and boxers down in half a second !

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So guys , I crossed yet another fantasy of the list - and this time a very special fantasy ! The very act of getting turned on by transsexuals to me is a relatively new experience - and after a lot of playing (and wanking to!) Videos online, the desire to visit one of the armed girls in the country built up to the point where it could no longer be stopped. .

Several months went to build up the courage , to read old and new reviews on various . fora and shemalewiki , watch clips and video, and let your imagination go exploring. A few times I was so excited that I decided now should it be and called and ordered time ... but was so excited and ready to fight, that I ended up jerking off at home, and subsequent cancelling the agreements.

My choice fell upon Ellen , because after more bad and mediocre reviews of other girls in the narrow range, all of Ellen's reviews was full of praise. Her appearance , attitude, and not least , her pendant ... everything should be in the top !

Well - I had due to geographical constraints been forced to go five days without so much as a hand job .. When returning my almost animalistic desire manifested themselves in the form of Ellen . I had to visit her , and it should be now! A call , a bath ( and shaving of essential body parts ) , and a short drive later , I stood in front of apartment block ... and I promise you I was shaking ! Damm, expectations , excitement, it's a bit ' taboo ' by not only buying sex - but by a shemale ! I have never in my life been so filled with both excitement and nervousness ! - Ellen would prove to live fully up to a well-deserved reputation - taken her competition into account!

She is sweet , articulate , ( even speaking Danish !) , And flatters like few others . She would put all the girls on the Danish streets to shame with his feminine features , large exotic lips, and raw sex appeal .. She is rude sexy, and only enough that it borders on porn ... She is delicious! Arrived in her playroom , I handed her the 1,500 - half an hour's play (since I would not be cheated of the climax of my fantasy - to feel Ellen's infamous monster - svabber discharge in my mouth ) .

She welcomed me and asked me to wait , soon she was out and put money away and show a few friends / girlfriends to the door . A few minutes (which seemed like an eternity !) Later she came sliding through the door, radiating sex and lust - now it was time! - Ellen is kissing happy and eager, she whispered to me what she had in her mind to do to me , and while she sat on the edge of the bed , she snap my belt open and pulls pants and boxers down , all in half a second !

She starts to suck me well and truly hard while shes directing my hand to play her stiff though. After a short time , she climbs up on the bed and pulls me to her - a kiss on the mouth, and then enter her dominant character in the game ... With a slight pressure on my head indicating she unequivocally that it is now time for a little work on my part ... and I've probably worked greedy , because I could not control my desire - I'm doing the best I can ... Love to feel her semi-rigid little fellow grow in my mouth , grow hard and thick in my mouth ... and it does not take long before the pressure on my head from Ellen is stepped up ... While she was in a horny voice asking me to " swallow my fat cock ! " - And there is nothing I would rather do! - The rest of our game mixes in memory together in a hotchpotch of dirty and raw suckingi , anal play and fucking of my mouth.

The act ends as I wanted with her ​​giant bastard pressed firmly into my mouth while she loudly and panting empties her balls of juice - as I swallow it into my horny mouth. Just immediately , I follow suit on her, although she spits out in a piece of paper - we are both spent and sweaty on the bed and talk a 10-15 minutes and there is not the slightest pressure or rush to get me out the door .

Ellen is a joy to be around , not to mention being pulled around by . Do join the growing crowd of fans around her , she does simply deserve the reputation she has built , and the service she provides ... A clear recommendation here !

Did she live up to your expectations?

Complete, and more!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Got everything on the list and a nice and warm treatment as a guest in her room and universe.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nothing was denied me . She is very hospitable.

Time and place of the experience

Mid-September , 2013.

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