Forced me to suck her deeply while she filmed me

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I visited Ellen for a second time on Friday ... Another naughty kinky experience. She was just as porn as she used to be, and there was less than 1 minute from the time I came in the door until we were both naked and started to kiss, cuddle and not least suck each other.

Her cock is big and beautiful. The first time I visited Ellen, we were only in one room ... This time we took advantage of virtually the entire apartment. Ellen ordered me into the other rooms / lounges, where she forced me to suck her deeply while she was filming me.

When she was hard and ready and mega horny she pulled me into the room where she fucked me in several different position ... first on the side to start out in a quiet pace, but it did not take long before she pressed herself completely. Then doggy style, looked in the mirror so we both could both see her big cock which was driven up my ass back and forth, then leaving this room ... then a trip back into the room where she fucked me in several position on the couch ...

I eventually had to have a little break ... and then it was her turn to be fucked.

She is nice and tight and enjoyed that I fucked her hard while I held on to her hair ... Then she would swap again ... horny she started to fuck me again until she pulled out and gave me a nice big and hot load on the face and body ... After she was discharged, she began to give me a blow job until I exploded in her mouth ...

Lovely naughty and kinky experience again with Ellen ... and super hot that more of the "scenes" was filmed :) She's the one!

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July 2013.

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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