Got cock to the limit of what I could accommodate

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Got cock to the limit of what I could accommodate. Ellen is Super! There is nothing fake here, and she's a good experience. All the formal is fine, and the apartment she lives in is nice and clean. Not a sleazy place that you rarely see.

I was greeted with a warm and "real" hello, hugs and kisses. She came straight from the beach, and was just delicious. Sheimmediately talked dirty to me, and soon I relaxed with her. She is really delicious and perfectly put together. We lay in bed and talked a little. About where I came from, what I wanted, etc.

She wanted to fuck me with her big cock she said, and the naughty words coming out of her mouth just turns you on! She also promises that you will not forget the experience. We kissed violently as I described that I would like! I fucked her in the ass and throat and I would want thatshe came in my throat too. She was quite prepared. She tried me with a few slaps, pulled my hair, and she discovered that I was ready, and could not get enough dominance. She unpacked my big cock and rubbed it while she kissed me demanding. Talked sexy that she wanted to fuck me hard and deep. Then she took my hand down to her cock that was already hard. I took care of it and immediately it was like iron. Really a good and big dick. Not huge, but fits well with the 23 cm, and AMPLE long that she hurts to get to the bottom!

She sat on her knees in front of me and stuffed her cock in my mouth. I gave it all i had while she was playing my cock at the same time. She stuck a finger in my ass while she started to fuck my mouth. I gaggede and coughed but she held on. Just as it should be. Quickly she slid down my throat and held her cock deep in me with a hand on my neck. She did that for some time. Fucked my throat until I gasped for breath and had to force her out. My mucus and saliva drive down the chin and chest, and she was rough even tears rolled down my cheeks.

She inquired if I was ok and I told her to continue to fuck my face. So she did. She bent down and licked my ass. Laid out in a 69 where she licked alternately my cock and ass and drilled fingers into me. Well Located mouths' there is not so much one can do between her thighs other than to open as well to. And she forces all the way down her throat again and again. She's obviously turned on by this, and I wished that she would fire her sperm deep inside me already.

To be fucked in the throat until tears roll, mucus flowing and you are on the brink of choaking is just the wildest I've tried. Now she wanted to fuck me, and sat between my legs. She already had rubber on, but I could hardly contain her. She mocked me a little, but pressed on. And my ass slowly opened, but she gave me several slaps and put into words what she wanted with me.

Finally, she was up and it damn hurt deep inside but also felt good. She keeps on only if you want it, and only stop if you really expresses serious pain ... but it hurts and is extremely naughty but this is only a part of the game. Here I was fucked and fucked long. Deep shock I could hardly bear, and occasionally she put in so much force that I moaned loudly and she helt my mouth shot. And the nose. I was fucked while we had eye contact, and she's really the boldest and most beautiful face.

I then was taken over to the armchair and i saw us in the big mirror. Quickly she slid up into me, and this just feels even deeper. She had hold of premium hips and I was fucked to tears flowed from pain. I had to ask her to limit how deep she came up into me, but she just fucked on ... I eventually had to say stop the pain. So she lay herself on the bed and asked me to ride her. Face to face. Here I was able to better controll it and it was also very sexy. She got me to look at ourselves in the mirror and shut up it's sexy to see her ass from behind with a big black cock up in it.

She played my dick during the act, and finally I just could not jold it anymore ... I sprayed my cum all over her breasts while she just kept fucking me ... I could not stop her, and it was a wild feeling to get while you got dick right up where it hurts. But it was really good and the naughtiest bustle tried. Only gone 20 minutes of the hour I paid for ... but I just could not take anymore. Would have liked to have some more cock and feel what it would be with a cock that comes in one's throat, but it will be for another time.

We lay on the bed and fooled around a little. Talked fine, and she tried indeed anything to get me going again ... but I had just mentally had enough, although I usually can come several times with women. Think it was because the experience was so extreme, and this is only my second once with a shemale.

She is really cute. She seems naturally horny, and I can not fucking fake an iron hard cock ... :-) She was stiff right up until I walked out the door ... so unfortunately I did not satisfy her. Should there be more customer that night, I can only say poor them! They are fucking going to get it hard! Ellen. Shut up she can fuck, dominate, be cheeky, while at the same time sweet and warm.

In the living room, I got a glance of another delicious shemale ... it was her friend, and her I could also hire a day she said :-) She mused that I was in bed ... with her own cock in me from behind and her friend who facefuckede me ... Do not fucking think I would be able to handle that ... but maybe one day? A warm goodbye and see you Ellen!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Jaaaa :-)

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Good and fun chatter, heat.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

NO! Her list is of course also complete and she has NO LIMITS

Comment to the rating

She deserves it :-)

Time and place of the experience

July 2013 - Christianshavn.

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