I felt her all the way

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I met Ellen 2 years ago and it was my first experience with a TS. She had an apartment in Frederiksberg, and I felt very welcome. Since it was my first time, I was very nervous, but Ellen was very sweet and we kissed right away, and it felt wonderful.

We undressed each other and got in the bed where tasted Ellen's beautiful cock for the first time, very special but nice experience. She ran and before long we were in a 69, and I really enjoyed the taste of Ellen's delicious body. Then I had to try it right, Ellen asked me to relax, and played with a finger up my tight butt, and it felt wonderful. Shortly after I should try that dark big cock, and she ordered me to lie on the side, and then she slowly penetrated me, it hurt, but I wanted to feel Ellen inside me. She said to me that I could ride her so that I controlled how much of her dick I could inside me, and while I tried to get it in, I just felt a wonderfull feeling in my body and I sprayed her body with cum. That day didn't fulfill my fantasy completely, but since Ellen was great, I had to see her again.

I did this a few times, but was too narrow to get Ellen's big cock all the way. After meeting 3-4 times, I would just try Ellen true all the way. I invited Ellen to visit me, and paid her for it. What it was is between Ellen and me ;) We were first seated and enjoyed talking a bit, then we preferred to get into the bedroom, I'm always turned on by Ellen, and I was as well on this day, even more than usual. We played and kissed long and I just love her beautiful cock, which is always ready for a naughty game of sex.

After playing we could no longer hold back anymore, she would penetrate me, and little by little and with a lot of lube, I could finally feel Ellen inside me. Ellen asked me to get on top and ride her so I could control the pace which I did. I just felt how her lovely cock got further and further into me, and I enjoyed it. Eventually I sat down over Ellen and the entire cock was inside me. I was then ordered to lie on my back where she hold the legs up to my head, and for once could fuck me thoroughly, and I felt her way down deep inside me. It was a delicious feeling to finally have nice sex with Ellen.

After being taken in different positions, Ellen asked if I was ready to taste her cum, and Yes, I was, then she put the big cock all the way into the mouth, and I could feel her cum pumping into my mouth, and lots were sprayed. I could not swallow it all and part ran down the corners of my mouth and down the cheast. Then Ellen sucked me to release and took the entire load in the mouth.

After this amazing experience was over, we sat and talked fun. All in all a fantastic experience and I know that I and Ellen is going to be seeing eachother again ... mind you if she wants ;)

Did she live up to your expectations?

She meets all criteria .... beautiful and lovely.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She is simply so naughty that she enjoys giving everything on the list

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Do not think you get a no from Ellen, if you have the necessary respect.

Comment to the rating

She will always top the scala she will be assessed after.

Time and place of the experience

June 2013.

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