I came in her mouth

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Ellen stood ready at the door wearing a bra, tiny thong, stylish shoes and beautiful nice smile. I was led into the room where she immediately began to tongue kiss while my hands caressed her incredible beautiful body and firm buttocks. I kissed and licked the firm breasts, neck, throat, ears.

Then it was time to pay, DKK 2.000 for 1 hour. She left with money, I got my clothes off, one minute and she was back with a nice big hard cock. Went to the bed, where she took my head and forced me to suck her big cock right down to the root and pushed so hard that saliva flowed. I will just say that I am into domination - she is clearly the a dominatrix. The a 69, where she licked my anus and stuck a finger up, mmmm delicious. I think she wanted to feel how tight I was. She wanted me to lie on the side as she wanted to fuck my ass. Slowly at first - then a little deeper and finally nice and hard. Got all of her big hard cock to the root while I moaned so loudly that she had to cover my mouth or the neighbors might hear it. She ordered me to go in front of a large mirror wardrobe where we stood sideways and I bowed and held onto the armchair. She then said that I should masturbate and look in the mirror while she fucked my ass deep and hard.

On the bed again - now I fwas ucked while I lay on my back. Great to feel her big cock slide into my ass while looking at her incredibly beautiful face and tight body. More deep tongue kisses - she would soon cum. She then took the condom off and sat down next to me and stuck her cock in my mouth. I sucked her again deeply and then she gave her load right into my mouth - I swallowed every drop of her lovely cum.

Ellen said she was ready to fuck me again after 2 minutes. Quite right, I could feel that her cock was big and hard in my mouth. Then I had to turn on all fours, doggy. If I thought she fucked me hard before, so it was harder now, but I enjoyed every pounding she gave me. Various positions over the next 10 minutes. Turned on my back again, hard deep long poundings in my ass while she asked if I was her slave. I replied, Yes, I am your slave Mistress. Then I got several nice hard slaps, enjoyed it. She said that next time I visited her, she and another would be fucking me.

Ellen was ready to cum for the second time and I got it on the stomach. I was told to play with my cock. She liked to look at me, then I sat astride her while I masturbated in front of her pretty face, while she sucked my dick with her long pink stiff tongue. Now I could not hold it back anymore and sprayed my cum in her mouth. It was quite simply the best sex I've ever had. Got offered a bath, which I accepted. Yes, an hour goes fast, and we said goodbye with a kiss. I will definitely come again, Ellen - one get adicted to you.

Did she live up to your expectations?

More than that. Great. Unforgettable. You meet a shemale as Ellen perhaps only once in a lifetime.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

I got everything that I wanted.

Comment to the rating

3x5 stars because she came 2 times, ​​and I came 1 time.

Time and place of the experience

Close to Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 20th 2013 at 20.15.

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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