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This is basically just a support of the other review of the Trans Ellen Aka. Bianca Gold. Her website is still and I can only nod yes to everything in the other review of her. She is super sexy and welcoming and you really get the feeling that she loves what she does and I do not think there's anything she will not do.

I had the pleasure of her way back to the summer of 2011. At the time, she did not escort (she probably did) but just a horny trans on a dating site. We wrote a little and decided to meet. I drove to her house in Amager, parked the car and walked to the staircase and rang the bell. I was super nervous when I went up the stairs to the apartment since it was my first shemale at the time, but when I got up and she stood in the doorway my thoughts went entirely elsewhere.

She let me in with a smile and we sat and talked for a while on the couch, I think we had talked for 5 minutes when she asked if we should go into the bedroom. I lay on the bed and looked at her with the wettest puppy eyes.

She had a short tight dress as when she it pulled I just couldn't close my mouth! Really nice big cock! She jumped up in bed and gave it to me in the mouth, she loves to fuck your mouth and it came really far down her throat a few times and it was really sexy! She went down and took my cock in her mouth and started on my balls and ass, which is really sexy and all that licking ass lovely! She played with my ass for a long time until I was completely warmed up, so she gave us both a condom and now I was a little nervous again, for it is quite large and I'm pretty tight, but when she quietly pushed it up in me it was "pain" for enjoyment.

Now I was fucked in all possible positions and fuck she pushes through. When I was just about to come, I asked if I could fuck her. She pulled out of me and turned around on all fours so I could get to her ass, I came shortly after having been fucked for such a long time. She asked if I would have her cum. I laid down on my knees and began to suck her big cock until she came in an explosion right in my face. We talked and cuddled in bed afterwards and it was really great to visit her and is certainly not my last time!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes! She is too naughty!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

You get what you want :-)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Do not think she's saying no to anything :-)

Comment to the rating

She is naughty and enjoys her job, clearly one of the naughtiest shemales in Denmark.

Time and place of the experience

Summer 2011.

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*) Ellen is also known as: Bianca Gold

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