sat on my face and began to jerk off

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My second experience with a shemal. I was a little bolder this time, and I asked to be fucked. Jejee did that with obvious pleasure.

We agreed DKK 2,000 for an hour - under the condition that she came. She was quite crazy about that I was to suck her - and she stuck her cock so deep in my throat that I several times was about to throw up - not so great, but it clearly aroused her - and it was nice to feel the blood pressure of her cock rising.

She went inside me - and my asshole is not too big, but when I got used to the pain enjoyment began. It is only the second time I have had a dick in the ass, and while she took me and I was lying on her back, she masturbated me to the wildest orgasm - I sprayed a week's pent-up cum all over the place. Jejee sat on my face and began to jerk off. She took quite a long time to come - perhaps because she had come earlier - I don't know. I am 48 years old, and maybe it is difficult for an approximately 27-28 year old to get turned on with such an old man - though I am a both athletic and well-groomed suit type.

She is very sweet and loving - and wanted to kiss. She started by saying that we should have a great and fun time and lovely - and for that I was damn ready :-)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Jejees pictures are very similar to her in real life - and her little boyish body is really hot - although I'm more into voluminous female body shapes. Yes, she was as I had hoped - and took her time in all phases of the visit - even when we were finished.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Her cum in my mouth.

Comment to the rating

Not my body type - but that was not of any importance. She was really nice to spend time with.

Time and place of the experience

March 11th 2015 in Jyllingevej, Copenhagen.

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