She was nice, clean and wanted to get licked on both balls and asshole

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I saw her yesterday in a Villa at Jyllingevej . She is very accommodating. Was greeted with hugs and kisses and she immediately had to feel the ' product ' . She had almost nothing on and a lovely half - boner .

Clothes off and started with the French . She was nice clean and wanted to get licked on both balls and asshole while she licked me . Then she wanted to fuck me - so on to the bedside ass and legs in the air . It was great to feel how she pushed up into me . She played with my cock well with oil while she fucked me , I got one of my best orgasms.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Certainly - for the first time I was fucked .

Time and place of the experience

22. Dec. 2013

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Is in: Vanløse, Denmark
Latest of 14 reviews: She licked my ass and fucked me hard

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